Whether you’re looking to use 100% environmentally friendly compostable polybags, envelope enclosing, or perhaps intelligent letter matching, (or simple  hand insertion) – we’ve got it all covered.

With a capacity to insert over 250,000 items every day, 90% of all our mailings are completed in 1 working day – so when speed matters, you can count on us! 

You can count on us

  • Poly-wrapping machines, envelope enclosing lines or intelligent letter matching - there's no project we can't mail for you!
  • For your peace of mind with your International Mailings – We are in communication with 212 countries, so we know in advance if a specific country has any planned postal strikes, any mailing delays to their local service or potential postal increases – avoiding you delays, uncertainty and costs.


mailing services

We were delighted when ADIPEC , the largest Gas and Petroleum show in the world, asked to take advantage of our FREE cost comparison service for their direct mail marketing.

By using our intelligent mailing software we were able to demonstrate it was more cost effective to produce the mail in the UK, and then fly the material several thousands of miles to different countries around the world for direct mailing in that respective country.  But with all that work, how can it be cheaper?

How do we do it – we initially do a little magic on your database so that the mailing is processed in a calculated order. This is then presented to that country's postal service in a way that saves them time (with no sorting service required). All these countries are under contract that they must deliver the mail we provide within a set timescale.

And best of all, as we have presented the mail in a time saving way, they in turn pass us a postage saving  (for doing part of their work) – and this saving we pass directly back to you!

Max Mailings arrive on your desk and appear as if they were posted from within that country. It arrives faster and is cheaper to post than it would be from within that country.

Why don’t you find out how much you could be saving – and join our growing family.