Carbon Neutral Printing

When you think about environmental printing, it might surprise you that it doesn’t start with recycled or sustainably sourced paper. Nor does it start with the different types of printing ink that are available that could reduce your carbon footprint even further. Nor does it start with the transportation method once printed.

At Max Print and Mailing we believe the green impact should be from the very second you make contact, which is why from your initial contact, through the entire administration of your projects – it will be 100% carbon neutral.

We believe passionately about the environment and sustainability is important to us. Which is why for the last 18 years we have only used papers that are FSC accredited, meaning the paper is from 100% renewable sources.

Choose Max Print and Mailing and be proud to say your company has a zero carbon contribution to the administration of all your work and maximises every green resource available.

Making the green choice will not cost the earth. So why not boost your company’s green credentials today and choose the zero carbon way!